Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ok so our lives have completely changed over the past 11 days. We have made sure all family flew safely, attended bridal luncheons, organized a rehearsal, been ENTERTAINED at a rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, woke up, smiled for way to many pictures, said some of the most important words of our life, kissed, MARRIED,reception -ate cake, drove off, stopped for frosties, drove off to OKC as Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, flew to Mexico, ate to much guacamole, got sunburned, spent time with Santa on the beach on Christmas Day, enjoyed our love while in paradise, flew home, and real life has begun.
Its been incredibly wonderful. I am really bad at soaking up memories at the time. Usually I am so busy thinking/planning what is coming next that I forget to relish in what is going on around me. However, the last 11 days I have completely involved myself in my new life and husband, and it has been a blessing from the Lord.
Annnnyyywwaay.... I will give you a short story in show you where we started and where we are now :)
OBU FALL 2006..... I was a senior and I met a long haired hippy who cant keep his pants above his undies, and I was enamored

At first I just thought he was extremely interesting and I loved staying up to all ends of the night talking to him about anything and everything....THEN, he left me for Christmas to go home (SEattle)... and I knew I didnt like being away from him.. Falling in love with Evan was a choice for me. After, I saw a glimpse into his heart and had spent countless hours with him I knew that if Evan were to choose to one day love me if wouldnt be able to get better then that...Weeelll it took him longer to decide if I was it for him ha but finally I reeled him in ;)
We went through my graduation, me getting a job, him gone all summer at camp, and he asked the question... FINALLY

........................and I said Yes.............................................................
Then on December 20, 2008 our lives were changed... It was perfect. I will never forget it and stop thanking my husband for making me have a wedding ha

Then we went to what they like to call "Paradise"
And now its time for real life.... Evan and I are so thankful for the past 11 days and so hopeful for the next 1,ooo :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Do YOU have on your seat belt and bubble?!

The blog world is so addicting. I am in no place in my life for a blog. I do not have a baby, I do not like to cook, and I am not into photography, however, I AM nosy.......and I figured if I am going to read about tons of random people and their happenings I might as well invite them into mine :) Even though my only reader will probably Shan Baby and precious ha

Well, to catch you up, Unlike my "about me" states I am in fact NOT married yet. That activity will take place on December 20th and let me tell you I am ready :) I moved into our new ( well OLD, but new to us) apartment this past weekend and it is already starting to feel like home I just need my man here to help me blog, ESPECIALLY bc he is the writer ( NOT ME).

This first entry I just want to introduce you to a GLIMPSE of my everyday life. As you might already know I am a Kindergarten teacher at a VERY low income school. My class consists of 23 students, 13 African American, 5 Hispanic, and 5 White. Also, for statistics sake I will let you know that out of my 23 students only 3 live with their REAL mom and REAL dad. The rest live with mostly just their mom or grandma. I think at least 5 or 6 of my students dads are in jail. So, as you can imagine I spend 8 hours a day with a fun group of 5 year olds. It is exhausting at times and I wanna pull my eyelashes out if I hear "Ms. Bluberry/Newberry/Teacher again BUT so worth it. I feel like my job is vital and I get to love on the unloved all day long. I feel blessed.

So.... below is a picture of a little boy from my class. His face has to be blocked out but you will get the idea. .... When we walk down the hall the students have to have "SEAT BELTS AND BUBBLES"... this is a little man showing Ms. "BErry" his best "seat belt and bubble"

haha priceless... I swear I say "boys and girls get your seatbelts on in my sleep" In 11 days I'll check with Evan and see if I really do...