Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its all about to end

As I sit here on my couch sipping my coffee watching Meredith, Al, Matt, and Anne (today show), I know its all about to end. Being a teacher summer times are magnificent! I love the freedom of my schedule, hanging with my man all the time, and just enjoying my days doing whatever the heck I want! Although this has been an EXTREMELY busy summer I have still gotten to sit back and relax, before I go back to school August 20th and the wild wolves return :)
Even though I am sad to go back to a daily grind I am also so anxious to meet my new little faces. Classes are like your own children I think, their will NEVER be one alike. I dread/look forward to the first day of school where I don't sit down for 7 hours straight, tie a million shoes, clean up spilt breakfast, comfort little babies fears of kindergarten, and countdown the seconds until lunch. I am praying for my new students already. Praying that they are getting enough to eat, being hugged at home, and that they will respond to me well. I worry that they will get to school safe on the first day and that the excitement that they have when they see me and the classroom for the first time will not die throughout the year. I also have to pray for myself. To remember where these babies come from, what they do and see at night, for patience, love, forgiveness, and to not scream GET ME OUTTA OF HERE in the middle of class :)

Even though I dream of days when I don't have to work and I get to raise my own babies at home, I truly do love my job and the lives I get to be a part of for 9 months.
Countdown to Chaos begins....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E

Once again it has been weeks since this thing has been updated. I would apologize, but not this time! ha... we have been soooooooooooo busy the past 6 weeks that I have barely had time to do anything besides the already scheduled events in our life! It has been a crazy but so much fun summer. We have made so many memories with friends, family, and each other.
So, the last time I was with you we were about to embark on a wedding and vacation. After the vacation, drum roll please.... I BECAME AN AUNTIE!!!! Yup thats right my sister had her first baby! Kate Olivia Hubbard was born on June 23rd. It was so great to be there to see her for the first time and to hug and give congrats to Meg and Kyle. So, then the following Thursday we closed on our house!! It was a stressful day with moving in 100 degree weather, but so worth it!! We love being home owners and feel blessed to be able to buy this house. So we moved in on a Thursday and the NEXT day we set off for Dallas for Minda and Jareds wedding. I was once again a bridesmaid, and the wedding was beautiful. So fun to be apart of a wedding where I know that girl has it has good as me :). Then we came home for two days. During those two days I got to see my dear friend Shan baby and precious, oh and drew! I miss Shan so much and everytime I see her I tell her to move back constantly. I feel special to have so a friend like her. Ok so where am I? Ok yeah, then my two little cousins, Grant and Luke, ages 6 and 7 came to OKC. We were babysitting them while their parents went on a Alaskan cruise. So we went to White Water, the movies, dinner, then we went on up to Tulsa to their house and had some more fun their for a few more days. Whew...all I can say was it was GREAT birth control haha... Ok, so then we came back to our home and painted the living/dining room. Evan did the edges and I was queen of the roller ha.. I have never really painted before... and I wont lie and disliked it alot. So much work and it never looks perfect!!! ugh... oh well its done and I couldnt lift my hands the day after. Then the past weekend we were invited down to Broken Bow by Evans Aunt and Uncle. They recently built a cabin on the lake there and it was so fun to just relaz, eat good food, and have fun on the lake wakeboarding and etc :)... Now we are finally home..... Evan has a camp coming up where he will play worship with his band, and I am going to see my sis and little miss kate, but finally I feel like I can breathe!!
Here are some pics from the past whirlwind 6 weeks!

Joys Wedding
Evan in St. Louis at Forest Park

Cardinals Game
At the Busch Brewery/Beermaster Tour.SO FUN

Giordanos Pizza YUMMY!! Chicago
Meg and I after Kate was born :) little miss

Pretty Minda at her wedding

Shan baby &precious.loved every minute of this

Auntie K and Kate

Evan-paint master
Broken Bow...little hike we did