Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yeah yeah I know I suck at blogging....

This is for Alisha.... :) I am OBVIOUSLY very bad at this, and I dont have any kids at home distracting me either!! ha It has been a crazy busy, fun, exciting, stressful, and wonderful 4 months!
School has been going WONDERFUL and can I just say I have the best class EVA!!! I mean they are a dream and I am really loving my time with them this year because I know it is over come May :( ha and who knows what the public school system will bring me next year!
I was going to try and update you all on everything we have been up to the past 4 months but I figured everyone who reads this knows me well enough to know or is friends with me on facebook so I figured you could fill in the gaps!

As of this moment I only have 2 more days until my Christmas break, and lets me honest besides "giving hope to low income children and making dreams possible" christmas break, spring break, fall break and SUMMER is why I became a teacher ;) haha ok so not entirely true but it sure does help! Evan and I plan on having a very relaxed break, first celebrating our 1 year woo woo, then having time with my family in Seminole and Tulsa. It should be just wonderful.
I will leave you with my latest funny story from one of my students. :) Now you have to imagine a 5 year old saying this and I promise it will be funny!

So this past week we have been learning the TWO sounds of the vowel letter O. The short sound like "octopus" and the long sound like "ocean".. Well I was brainstorming with the students asking them for some LONG O sounds... I was getting oatmeal, open, etc... then I little boy jumps up and says "Ive got it Mrs. Chambers!!!".... "Ok honey go ahead", I said... and in the most stern 10th and McArthur voice ever this is what he said for a LONG O sound..

"Hey nappy head you OWE me some money"!!!...
the long o word was "OWE" hahahahahhahah...... oh man I laughed until my eyes watered! Now I know that is not a NICE thing to say, but he didnt know that, and I explained later that we dont call people that, but still whew funny stuff..This is a regular happening in my class. So their ya go I hope it made you at least smile. Wish me luck, I will be having a chocolate fountain at school for my Holiday Party this friday!! The kids will go crazy for it!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its all about to end

As I sit here on my couch sipping my coffee watching Meredith, Al, Matt, and Anne (today show), I know its all about to end. Being a teacher summer times are magnificent! I love the freedom of my schedule, hanging with my man all the time, and just enjoying my days doing whatever the heck I want! Although this has been an EXTREMELY busy summer I have still gotten to sit back and relax, before I go back to school August 20th and the wild wolves return :)
Even though I am sad to go back to a daily grind I am also so anxious to meet my new little faces. Classes are like your own children I think, their will NEVER be one alike. I dread/look forward to the first day of school where I don't sit down for 7 hours straight, tie a million shoes, clean up spilt breakfast, comfort little babies fears of kindergarten, and countdown the seconds until lunch. I am praying for my new students already. Praying that they are getting enough to eat, being hugged at home, and that they will respond to me well. I worry that they will get to school safe on the first day and that the excitement that they have when they see me and the classroom for the first time will not die throughout the year. I also have to pray for myself. To remember where these babies come from, what they do and see at night, for patience, love, forgiveness, and to not scream GET ME OUTTA OF HERE in the middle of class :)

Even though I dream of days when I don't have to work and I get to raise my own babies at home, I truly do love my job and the lives I get to be a part of for 9 months.
Countdown to Chaos begins....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E

Once again it has been weeks since this thing has been updated. I would apologize, but not this time! ha... we have been soooooooooooo busy the past 6 weeks that I have barely had time to do anything besides the already scheduled events in our life! It has been a crazy but so much fun summer. We have made so many memories with friends, family, and each other.
So, the last time I was with you we were about to embark on a wedding and vacation. After the vacation, drum roll please.... I BECAME AN AUNTIE!!!! Yup thats right my sister had her first baby! Kate Olivia Hubbard was born on June 23rd. It was so great to be there to see her for the first time and to hug and give congrats to Meg and Kyle. So, then the following Thursday we closed on our house!! It was a stressful day with moving in 100 degree weather, but so worth it!! We love being home owners and feel blessed to be able to buy this house. So we moved in on a Thursday and the NEXT day we set off for Dallas for Minda and Jareds wedding. I was once again a bridesmaid, and the wedding was beautiful. So fun to be apart of a wedding where I know that girl has it has good as me :). Then we came home for two days. During those two days I got to see my dear friend Shan baby and precious, oh and drew! I miss Shan so much and everytime I see her I tell her to move back constantly. I feel special to have so a friend like her. Ok so where am I? Ok yeah, then my two little cousins, Grant and Luke, ages 6 and 7 came to OKC. We were babysitting them while their parents went on a Alaskan cruise. So we went to White Water, the movies, dinner, then we went on up to Tulsa to their house and had some more fun their for a few more days. Whew...all I can say was it was GREAT birth control haha... Ok, so then we came back to our home and painted the living/dining room. Evan did the edges and I was queen of the roller ha.. I have never really painted before... and I wont lie and disliked it alot. So much work and it never looks perfect!!! ugh... oh well its done and I couldnt lift my hands the day after. Then the past weekend we were invited down to Broken Bow by Evans Aunt and Uncle. They recently built a cabin on the lake there and it was so fun to just relaz, eat good food, and have fun on the lake wakeboarding and etc :)... Now we are finally home..... Evan has a camp coming up where he will play worship with his band, and I am going to see my sis and little miss kate, but finally I feel like I can breathe!!
Here are some pics from the past whirlwind 6 weeks!

Joys Wedding
Evan in St. Louis at Forest Park

Cardinals Game
At the Busch Brewery/Beermaster Tour.SO FUN

Giordanos Pizza YUMMY!! Chicago
Meg and I after Kate was born :) little miss

Pretty Minda at her wedding

Shan baby &precious.loved every minute of this

Auntie K and Kate

Evan-paint master
Broken Bow...little hike we did

Thursday, June 11, 2009

and........we're off!

Tomorrow morning Evan and I will pack our bags for 9 days! I mean this is ALOT of packing! I have been doing laundry non stop to get enough clothes ready for those 5 (yes 5 ) suitcases. Here is our itinerary.
  • First stop Topeka, Ks for this little ones wedding

  • Then we are driving East to stay here

  • to visit this for a beermaster tour

  • have a hotdog, cottoncandy, pretzel, nachos, peanuts here

  • and enjoy the rest of our days going the The Hill, Blueberry Hill, Forest Park, etc. should be fun!
  • THEN we will get up and drive here

  • To visit Millenium Park,Gangsta Tours & eating lots of PIZZA

  • One night we'll go here to LAUGH :)

  • and HERE

We are sooooo excited! This will be our first REAl vacation together, besides our honeymoon.It should be so fun :) Well, after 2000 miles together on the road I will tell you how much "fun" we had haha

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Should Just Quit

So it is VERY like me to start something like this blog, then make a few posts, then ignore it for three months :( ha I have a hard time being consistant with things! Its bad... thats why Evan should've done this blog he is more of a disciplined person. Oh well.....
These past few months have been crazy busy...being a teacher, the end of the year can be wild. Between zoo trips, award assemblies, field days, report cards due, literacy files due, moving rooms, and the last day of school my life has been hectic. Also, Evan just graduated from OBU this past Saturday. His family flew in from the northwest and we had to have a party!!
And for the biggest news...........we bought a house!!!! YAY... we are so excited :) We really werent even looking that hard or in a place where we HAD to buy one. We just thought the tax credit sounded nice and I walked into this house and fell in love... so I had to have it haha :)
With that I will update you with pictures also!!
We went up to Northeast Oklahoma to visit my sister and granparents and went on some hikes!

Easter Sunday in Seminole
Celebrated my birthday :)

Graduation Pics

Evans family and nephew sweet Rylan
And our new house!! We do not close few a few weeks so inside pics to come :)

Hopefully it wont be three months until I do this again :) Off to the pool! I LOVE SUMMER

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creature of Habit

As the title of this blog states, I am, officially, all the time, a CREATURE OF HABIT. I am an extremist and when I find something I like, well I like it alot and usually go overboard on it. Good for my husband bc I like him alot :), bad bc it makes me stubborn, rigid, and uptight sometimes :) Well, something that I am a creature of habit about it what I eat. When I find something I like well I eat it OFTEN and much of it. Ex: Subway, Fiber one bars, Progresso soup, Queso, puppy chow, popcorn, string cheese, yogurt, and vitamuffins.
Well freshmen year in college I met my good friend Shannon...I distinctly remember one time at the FIRST of our friendship, being in her dorm room and her pulling out Cool Whip out of her freezer and eating with a spoon haha... Not that their is anything weird about it, I mean cool whip is GOOD I just never thought about eating it without pie of something, and especially not frozen..
Well over the next months I decided to try it...... and I fell in love... My love affair with Cool Whip has been going on for ummmm about 5 years now and I promise if you ever come over to my apt you will find a defrosted tub in my refrigerator, and a frozen one in my here is a list of what all I eat cool whip on.... I know you are all just DYING TO KNOW haha

1. pudding
2. yogurt
3. bananas
4. frozen with a spoon
6. oatmeal
7.strawberries/angel food cake
8. Progresso Soup (JUST KIDDING) but hey I would...
9. sweet potatoes
10. chocolate graham crackers
:) have a great day and go eat some cool whip!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I really dislike winter for many reasons, but the tip top tippy tippy TOP reason I HATE winter is because of how pale I get. Now, I know, the sun is not shining, everyone is SUPPOSE to look pale and healthy, but I am pretty close to a true blonde, more strawberry blonde and when I get pale I look WASHED OUT. Usaully during the winter I tan one month. Shan baby dont hate me, I know tanning is SO SO SO bad, but I gotta! Just one month! But, this winter I am married. Meaning, its not MY money but OUR money :( ha... So, I am sacrificing the $30 a month and my skin for the sake of saving money for a house and a summer vacation ( I guess its worth it ) ha...
With this said I need help! With my skin tone, self tanners never EVER look right but I am down to my wits end...I am buying a TAN IN A BOTTLE :)
So..... advice... whats the best??? I am willing to spend up to $20 (thinking it will last for a few months)... IDEAS?!?!?!?!?
I want to look like this again.... aw sweet SUN

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My mama bought me a grill.. you HAVE to read

As I have mentioned in past blogs I am VERY lucky to have a job I truly love. Now ask me if I love my job at 3:3o pm and usually I will say "No I am never going back" as my hair is out of control and I smell like dirty 5 year olds :) However, teaching kindergarten at my school is a true joy. Somehow, I get up every day and honestly look forward to seeing those little farts :)
Well, I have a new little boy, and when I say little I mean TINY... Like he is the smallest kindergartner I have ever seen and this makes him IRRESISTIBLE!! I mean he says "Mrs. Chambers" and I melt like a little school girl, in other words I love him and everyday beg Evan to let me just slip him in my pocket and bring him home :) but he thinks that would be stealing, whatever..... :) So, every morning I let the students in at 8:00 am and stand at the door and say good morning and give hugs, handshakes, and some "what ups" ha... Well, I see my new little man and it looks like he has something in his mouth, this is nothing new, kids come with candy, gum, toothpicks, and toothpaste in their mouth every morning. So, I say "little man whats in your mouth, you need to spit it out". He just gives me a closed mouth grin. I get I move closer... finally I say "little man WHAT IS IN YOUR MOUTH" and he smiles and THIS is what I see...

I mean I DIE!!!! I am bent over laughing hysterically..I mean the grill is bigger then his face!! I say "little man where on earth did you get this??" and he says "my mama bought me a grill because I didn't wet the bed"...
Thats why I love my job...I hope you love yours

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the morning after v-day

Growing up I begged and begged my mom to send me flowers or candy to school on valentines day, because ALL of my friends would get called to the office then come walking back into the room with a red and pink mess in their hands and I would have my icing cookie and a white sack full of cards from the Dollar Store from classmates ha but my mom refused bc she always felt sorry for the 1 or 3 that got nothing EVER from their parents, so she thought I should suffer with them :) Knowing fully that when I got home I would have something red and pink waiting for me.
So, being me and Evans first MARRIED V-day together, we had it planned down to a tee. I've never really been a HUGE v-day girl, but I like a good dinner and a movie I'm not hard to please (well sometimes i'm not) :). We had our whole low key day planned.
  • sleep in
  • coffee made by my husband
  • watch pointless morning tv
  • go run/workout
  • shower/nap/get pretty
  • early movie to see this (I know not really a v-day type of movie, but I'm not really a chick flick type of girl.)
  • Then we had dinner reservations for our SECOND favorite place in OKC (Melting Pot being first) here DEEP FORK GRILL - yummy!

Well our reservations were not until 9:30 bc thats the earliest we could get in, so as a typical girl I had starved myself all day just thinking about all the bread, shrimp appetizer, salmon, and molten cake I was going to eat. OH OH OH and P.S. WE HAD A GIFT CARD haha thats the whole reason we could go here. Listen we live on one income right now we LIVE on gift cards :) So after the movie (VERY GOOD) we had about an hour to kill time so we drove around then we pulled into the restaurant aroun 9:00 and decided to be the nerdy couple early for their reservation. We checked in and waited. After we had been waiting for awhile I began to see a different menu on the tables. It looked like a "special v-day menu ", well I dismissed it and kept dreaming about my salmon and molten cake. Then while I was eavesdropping I heard the waiter say these words "Here is our "special V-day menu" for the night, its $65 a person.... my heart dropped. WHAT?!?! I mean this place is expensive but Evan and I could have easily gotten out of there for $75 for BOTH of us. AND the lady on the phone when Evan made the reservations DID NOT tell us about this "special menu"!! Well, I tell Evan and being the optimist he is he SURELY thinks they will let us order off the regular menu, I disagree and start pouting. Our name is called and we sit down to a pretty "special V-DAY menu"!!!! ugh, I start sweating and say, "well lets ask if we can order off the regular menu, but I'm not taking off my coat bc it looks like a big fat NO". We ask they say no :( :( My face gets red, I start to sweat, and I can feel the tears about to come. Evan quietly tells me we can say but I refuse. I think thats a RIDICULOUS amount to spend on a meal, even if you have a gift card. So, we calmly get up and leave!! OH MY GOSH it was a very embarrassing, sad, mad moment of my life!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. "Kelsey that is stupid why did you get so sad?" "Its only a meal, not the end of the world", and I DO agree with you, but something about having my whole day planned around this event and being so excited to sit at a nice restaurant with great food with my husband and then all the sudden it NOT happen!!, well it brought the water works. I was crying as soon as we were outside, I cried the whole way home, up the stairs, into the apt, while washing my face, brushing my teeth, and into bed..not hysterical of course but weepy. Poor Evan had no idea what to do, Especially bc I RARELY cry. I mean I have seen him cry more then me. Finally, after about 30 minutes he climbed in bed with me and I was ready to at least talk haha. He apologized for not asking about the menu when he made the reservations, etc etc... and then I gave myself a pep-talk (in my head of course), put on my big girl panties (figure of speech of course ha), and stopped having a pity party. By that time it was already 10:30 pm. Well I was determined to not let money ruin our Valentines Day. So, Evan ordered some pizza from across the street, I got everything ready and we had a Valentines Day/NIGHT picnic on the floor with cheap pizza and SNL :) haha We will never forget our first Valentines day as a married couple. Moral of the story - Whenever you make reservations for Valentines Day make sure its not some "special" over priced menu, if you not ok with that. For all you richy riches go for it! ha here are some pics from the night

us..dressed up for the movies ha pre"special menu"
sad about the"special menu" , sorry no makeup I probably cried it all off ha
After pep talk I made our little picnic
evan came back with the pizza and he was excited :)

a little SNL some yummy pizza

nonetheless Evan licked his fingers it was so good ha

SIDENOTE : Um so I got sick in the middle of the night, I'm thinking due to the late night pizza run... I finally feel a little better but it was BAD, i did not feel well at all. Guess I cant eat late night greasy pizza like College times ha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Insomnia...Trouble Sleeping...ICE ICE BABY

Well its been awile since I have updated and frankly not very many people read this, HOWEVER my sis (shout out to MEG) is a fellow blog stalker and she found me on her so she better comment if she reads this!
Lately I have such a problem sleeping. Now those of you who know me well know that this is NOTHING new, but its been worse. My problems sleeping can be traced back to when I was a child and counting my moms snores to see if it was safe to sneak into my parents bed and BEGGING my older sister to let me sleep with her.... so until college I RARELY slept alone haha. Now in the past I have used medicine to help me sleep....some good some bad but let me tell you it works...
First I tried these but they made my lips and limbs numb every morning haha
Then I tried this interesting prescribed pill and let me just tell you it made for some INTERESTING events (thats a entire other post haha)
So now I have been using these babies...their natural and I love them ha
Now I know none of these are probably GREAT for me, but until you often wake up at 2 or 3 am and never go back to sleep you cant judge!!! ha
Well the past three nights I have had some sleep issues, obviouslt the melantonin is not doing its I've been waking up everynight around 2 or 3 and not being able to go back to sleep..well I leave the bedroom so my man can sleep and I curl up on the couch and watch my absolute favorite thing...INFO-FREAKIN-COMMERCIALS... l o v e t h e m
I have been known in the past to buy these products from INFOMERCIALS

Now last night ummmm around 3:30 am while I was indulging in cocoa puffs and the boob tube....THIS infomercial came on

Now I know I know that most infomercials are crazy and do not work, however I have had very good luck with most of mine, especially the Magic Bullet ( I LOVE IT) and at first I was like whatever this is ridiculous. But after about twenty minutes and two bowls of cocoa puffs I was hooked and ready to buy Precious (aka Carsyn Cunningham) and my prego sis these videos! Ok so the premise is that through your baby seeing a word on a flashcard, hearing the word said, then doing the action of the word or seeing a visual picture that they will be able to recognize the word and READ it or at least act out the word if they cant talk example: CLAP...It looks and sounds alot like "Baby Einstein" but its oh so different. anyway, the program hinges on the fact that the first 3 years of a childs life their brains are creating thousands of synapses every second – allowing a child to learn both the written word and spoken word simultaneously, and with much more ease. As an educator and Kindergarten teacher I understand this but it still amazes me. I mean even if the child doesnt know WHAT he/she is reading just the fact that they can recognize words and maybe letters its insane. So anyway..... I really want to know if anyone has used this program or knows anyone who has. PLEASE I am begging to know if it really works haha... here is the website check it out!