Thursday, June 11, 2009

and........we're off!

Tomorrow morning Evan and I will pack our bags for 9 days! I mean this is ALOT of packing! I have been doing laundry non stop to get enough clothes ready for those 5 (yes 5 ) suitcases. Here is our itinerary.
  • First stop Topeka, Ks for this little ones wedding

  • Then we are driving East to stay here

  • to visit this for a beermaster tour

  • have a hotdog, cottoncandy, pretzel, nachos, peanuts here

  • and enjoy the rest of our days going the The Hill, Blueberry Hill, Forest Park, etc. should be fun!
  • THEN we will get up and drive here

  • To visit Millenium Park,Gangsta Tours & eating lots of PIZZA

  • One night we'll go here to LAUGH :)

  • and HERE

We are sooooo excited! This will be our first REAl vacation together, besides our honeymoon.It should be so fun :) Well, after 2000 miles together on the road I will tell you how much "fun" we had haha