Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yeah yeah I know I suck at blogging....

This is for Alisha.... :) I am OBVIOUSLY very bad at this, and I dont have any kids at home distracting me either!! ha It has been a crazy busy, fun, exciting, stressful, and wonderful 4 months!
School has been going WONDERFUL and can I just say I have the best class EVA!!! I mean they are a dream and I am really loving my time with them this year because I know it is over come May :( ha and who knows what the public school system will bring me next year!
I was going to try and update you all on everything we have been up to the past 4 months but I figured everyone who reads this knows me well enough to know or is friends with me on facebook so I figured you could fill in the gaps!

As of this moment I only have 2 more days until my Christmas break, and lets me honest besides "giving hope to low income children and making dreams possible" christmas break, spring break, fall break and SUMMER is why I became a teacher ;) haha ok so not entirely true but it sure does help! Evan and I plan on having a very relaxed break, first celebrating our 1 year woo woo, then having time with my family in Seminole and Tulsa. It should be just wonderful.
I will leave you with my latest funny story from one of my students. :) Now you have to imagine a 5 year old saying this and I promise it will be funny!

So this past week we have been learning the TWO sounds of the vowel letter O. The short sound like "octopus" and the long sound like "ocean".. Well I was brainstorming with the students asking them for some LONG O sounds... I was getting oatmeal, open, etc... then I little boy jumps up and says "Ive got it Mrs. Chambers!!!".... "Ok honey go ahead", I said... and in the most stern 10th and McArthur voice ever this is what he said for a LONG O sound..

"Hey nappy head you OWE me some money"!!!...
the long o word was "OWE" hahahahahhahah...... oh man I laughed until my eyes watered! Now I know that is not a NICE thing to say, but he didnt know that, and I explained later that we dont call people that, but still whew funny stuff..This is a regular happening in my class. So their ya go I hope it made you at least smile. Wish me luck, I will be having a chocolate fountain at school for my Holiday Party this friday!! The kids will go crazy for it!!