Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creature of Habit

As the title of this blog states, I am, officially, all the time, a CREATURE OF HABIT. I am an extremist and when I find something I like, well I like it alot and usually go overboard on it. Good for my husband bc I like him alot :), bad bc it makes me stubborn, rigid, and uptight sometimes :) Well, something that I am a creature of habit about it what I eat. When I find something I like well I eat it OFTEN and much of it. Ex: Subway, Fiber one bars, Progresso soup, Queso, puppy chow, popcorn, string cheese, yogurt, and vitamuffins.
Well freshmen year in college I met my good friend Shannon...I distinctly remember one time at the FIRST of our friendship, being in her dorm room and her pulling out Cool Whip out of her freezer and eating with a spoon haha... Not that their is anything weird about it, I mean cool whip is GOOD I just never thought about eating it without pie of something, and especially not frozen..
Well over the next months I decided to try it...... and I fell in love... My love affair with Cool Whip has been going on for ummmm about 5 years now and I promise if you ever come over to my apt you will find a defrosted tub in my refrigerator, and a frozen one in my here is a list of what all I eat cool whip on.... I know you are all just DYING TO KNOW haha

1. pudding
2. yogurt
3. bananas
4. frozen with a spoon
6. oatmeal
7.strawberries/angel food cake
8. Progresso Soup (JUST KIDDING) but hey I would...
9. sweet potatoes
10. chocolate graham crackers
:) have a great day and go eat some cool whip!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I really dislike winter for many reasons, but the tip top tippy tippy TOP reason I HATE winter is because of how pale I get. Now, I know, the sun is not shining, everyone is SUPPOSE to look pale and healthy, but I am pretty close to a true blonde, more strawberry blonde and when I get pale I look WASHED OUT. Usaully during the winter I tan one month. Shan baby dont hate me, I know tanning is SO SO SO bad, but I gotta! Just one month! But, this winter I am married. Meaning, its not MY money but OUR money :( ha... So, I am sacrificing the $30 a month and my skin for the sake of saving money for a house and a summer vacation ( I guess its worth it ) ha...
With this said I need help! With my skin tone, self tanners never EVER look right but I am down to my wits end...I am buying a TAN IN A BOTTLE :)
So..... advice... whats the best??? I am willing to spend up to $20 (thinking it will last for a few months)... IDEAS?!?!?!?!?
I want to look like this again.... aw sweet SUN