Sunday, February 15, 2009

the morning after v-day

Growing up I begged and begged my mom to send me flowers or candy to school on valentines day, because ALL of my friends would get called to the office then come walking back into the room with a red and pink mess in their hands and I would have my icing cookie and a white sack full of cards from the Dollar Store from classmates ha but my mom refused bc she always felt sorry for the 1 or 3 that got nothing EVER from their parents, so she thought I should suffer with them :) Knowing fully that when I got home I would have something red and pink waiting for me.
So, being me and Evans first MARRIED V-day together, we had it planned down to a tee. I've never really been a HUGE v-day girl, but I like a good dinner and a movie I'm not hard to please (well sometimes i'm not) :). We had our whole low key day planned.
  • sleep in
  • coffee made by my husband
  • watch pointless morning tv
  • go run/workout
  • shower/nap/get pretty
  • early movie to see this (I know not really a v-day type of movie, but I'm not really a chick flick type of girl.)
  • Then we had dinner reservations for our SECOND favorite place in OKC (Melting Pot being first) here DEEP FORK GRILL - yummy!

Well our reservations were not until 9:30 bc thats the earliest we could get in, so as a typical girl I had starved myself all day just thinking about all the bread, shrimp appetizer, salmon, and molten cake I was going to eat. OH OH OH and P.S. WE HAD A GIFT CARD haha thats the whole reason we could go here. Listen we live on one income right now we LIVE on gift cards :) So after the movie (VERY GOOD) we had about an hour to kill time so we drove around then we pulled into the restaurant aroun 9:00 and decided to be the nerdy couple early for their reservation. We checked in and waited. After we had been waiting for awhile I began to see a different menu on the tables. It looked like a "special v-day menu ", well I dismissed it and kept dreaming about my salmon and molten cake. Then while I was eavesdropping I heard the waiter say these words "Here is our "special V-day menu" for the night, its $65 a person.... my heart dropped. WHAT?!?! I mean this place is expensive but Evan and I could have easily gotten out of there for $75 for BOTH of us. AND the lady on the phone when Evan made the reservations DID NOT tell us about this "special menu"!! Well, I tell Evan and being the optimist he is he SURELY thinks they will let us order off the regular menu, I disagree and start pouting. Our name is called and we sit down to a pretty "special V-DAY menu"!!!! ugh, I start sweating and say, "well lets ask if we can order off the regular menu, but I'm not taking off my coat bc it looks like a big fat NO". We ask they say no :( :( My face gets red, I start to sweat, and I can feel the tears about to come. Evan quietly tells me we can say but I refuse. I think thats a RIDICULOUS amount to spend on a meal, even if you have a gift card. So, we calmly get up and leave!! OH MY GOSH it was a very embarrassing, sad, mad moment of my life!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. "Kelsey that is stupid why did you get so sad?" "Its only a meal, not the end of the world", and I DO agree with you, but something about having my whole day planned around this event and being so excited to sit at a nice restaurant with great food with my husband and then all the sudden it NOT happen!!, well it brought the water works. I was crying as soon as we were outside, I cried the whole way home, up the stairs, into the apt, while washing my face, brushing my teeth, and into bed..not hysterical of course but weepy. Poor Evan had no idea what to do, Especially bc I RARELY cry. I mean I have seen him cry more then me. Finally, after about 30 minutes he climbed in bed with me and I was ready to at least talk haha. He apologized for not asking about the menu when he made the reservations, etc etc... and then I gave myself a pep-talk (in my head of course), put on my big girl panties (figure of speech of course ha), and stopped having a pity party. By that time it was already 10:30 pm. Well I was determined to not let money ruin our Valentines Day. So, Evan ordered some pizza from across the street, I got everything ready and we had a Valentines Day/NIGHT picnic on the floor with cheap pizza and SNL :) haha We will never forget our first Valentines day as a married couple. Moral of the story - Whenever you make reservations for Valentines Day make sure its not some "special" over priced menu, if you not ok with that. For all you richy riches go for it! ha here are some pics from the night

us..dressed up for the movies ha pre"special menu"
sad about the"special menu" , sorry no makeup I probably cried it all off ha
After pep talk I made our little picnic
evan came back with the pizza and he was excited :)

a little SNL some yummy pizza

nonetheless Evan licked his fingers it was so good ha

SIDENOTE : Um so I got sick in the middle of the night, I'm thinking due to the late night pizza run... I finally feel a little better but it was BAD, i did not feel well at all. Guess I cant eat late night greasy pizza like College times ha


Katie said...

Hi Kelsey! I found your blog through Shannon's. I know exactly what you mean about the set menu on Valentine's Day! Josh and I went to the Melting Pot two years ago for V-Day (also a la gift card) and thankfully the gift card was for $100, because they had a set menu that totaled $150 for both of us! There's no way we would have shelled out that much for dinner. $50 was manageable (we were both working, didn't have kids yet, etc.) but if we were in the situation we're in now (one income, one baby!) there's no way it would have worked! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy some yummy pizza and, most importantly, spend time together!

Shan said...

Evan-I appologize for the men photo of you. But you are still looking good no matter the situation.

Kelsey- this post makes me love you even more!! You goober!! Being poor is fun though ;)

Love you

abby coyle photo said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED that story. Your pics are hilarious!:) I think the picnic dinner was way more intimate/perfect for V-day. You will look back and love that memory.

Love you!:)

Claire said...

love it.. absolutely love it. :)

reeseann said...
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reeseann said...

(i spelled a couple words wrong on the previous post haha)

haha that is the greatest valentines day story ive ever heard. especially the part about you crying and evan saying he was sorry for not asking about the menu. haha so sweet. yay for finding blogs!!

Pascha said...

ahh poor girl!
i totally would have cried too....just cause things didnt go how i had "planned" them!
hope you are enjoying married life!
ohh and your long hair looks pretty pretty!

Leslie said...

Kels! So good to hear from you. You'll be happy to know that I too was a balloon-less kid at school on Valentine's Day! So sad. I have to say that Vday dinner #2 looks much more fun than #1! (That's why we're not big Vday people either...restaurants are crowded, food is overpriced, flowers are overpriced...not worth it!) You two made a fun memory!

Minda said...

hahahahaha your story waqs totally better!!!! i love kelsey stories! especially bc of the way you tell them. awesome vday! and not matter how it could of gone.... you know im still jealous! ugh, 129 days!