Thursday, June 11, 2009

and........we're off!

Tomorrow morning Evan and I will pack our bags for 9 days! I mean this is ALOT of packing! I have been doing laundry non stop to get enough clothes ready for those 5 (yes 5 ) suitcases. Here is our itinerary.
  • First stop Topeka, Ks for this little ones wedding

  • Then we are driving East to stay here

  • to visit this for a beermaster tour

  • have a hotdog, cottoncandy, pretzel, nachos, peanuts here

  • and enjoy the rest of our days going the The Hill, Blueberry Hill, Forest Park, etc. should be fun!
  • THEN we will get up and drive here

  • To visit Millenium Park,Gangsta Tours & eating lots of PIZZA

  • One night we'll go here to LAUGH :)

  • and HERE

We are sooooo excited! This will be our first REAl vacation together, besides our honeymoon.It should be so fun :) Well, after 2000 miles together on the road I will tell you how much "fun" we had haha


Megan said...

5 suitcases? Are you kidding me? Have so much fun and enjoy your time together on vacation! Some of our best memories are from the vacations we have taken. Love you!

alisha said...

yay! how fun for you! enjoy your trip(s)!

Claire said...

I love it! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

erinkern said...

Hey Kelsey, cute blog! You guys are going to have SO much fun on your trip. Thanks for the compliment on the cake--it was so good to have it done! ;)